Our Mission


At Clarity Capital, we try our best to clarify your personal financial goals by providing what we call the three Cs of our firm-

Complimentary: We do not charge for an initial consultation and will not charge for such a service in the future.  Everyone should be given the opportunity to have their finances and accounts reviewed, We will work to earn your business and provide this service for you.  We do not charge for financial plans, fees are only charged once we begin to manage your funds. 

Custom: What works for one person might not fit the goals and objectives of another, it is important for every person to have a custom retirement and investment strategy.  We work to ensure that our recommendations make sense and fit your unique goals and objectives.  Being that we are independent financial advisors, we have the flexibility to accomplish this task. 

Comprehensive: We are convinced every person should have a comprehensive financial plan that will stand up to the test of time, it should weather any storm or life event along the way.  Just planning for retirement is not enough, planning for premature death or disability, long-term care health needs, education, estate planning, small business needs and tax efficiencies are all very important components of your financial plan.  The sad truth of the matter is that most people spend more time planning their family summer vacation each year than they plan for their finances.  Let us help you change that practice and make this a priority in your life.