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Who We Serve

Matt Bumstead teaches federal benefit seminars to federal employees around the northwest and is certified in Federal Benefits and holds the designation of ChFEBC (Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant ), he is partnered with Livingston Federal and covers the Northwest region for them which includes, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Alaska and Hawaii.

Rodney Ostlund has been working with school teachers for the past 20 years.  He has provided countless retirement and benefits seminars and has lead many people through the WA TRS,PERS and SERS systems.  There are very few people in WA state as well versed in retirement benefits and options as Rodney.

Jeff Iunker of Clarity Capital Management is partnered with CRNA financial as their advisor in the Northwest Region, covering Washing, Oregon and Idaho. He understands the retirement planning process of those who call themselves CRNAs and holds educational seminars regarding their benefits around the Northwest each year.

  • Individuals and their Estates

Several of our financial advisors have worked with other professionals such as attorneys and accountants by putting together comprehensive estate plans. We can point you to the right professional for these complicated issues. You do not want your estate to shrink due to high federal estate tax issue after your death, neither do you want to leave your heirs holding the tax bill or all of the stress of having to settle your estate without clear and precise directions. We can offer a large amount of advice, direction and experience in this area as well as the tools in which to fund certain triggering events with insurance.Please come talk to us and we can help.

  • The Small Businesses

We are a small business and understand the importance of proper planning as a small business for retirement as well as insurance planning. We work closely with businesses on their group retirement plans, i.e. 401K, SEP IRA’s, etc., and with business owners individually to prepare them for their exit strategies.